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Live Food for Fish Fry:

* Microworms
* Brine Shrimp Eggs

Live Food for Small & Medium Fish:

* Extra Sml Silkworms
* Small Silkworms
* Silkworm Eggs
* D. Melanogaster: Wingless Fruitflies
* D. Hydei: Flightless Fruitflies
* Rice Flour Beetle Larvae

Live Food for Large Fish:

* Medium Silkworms

Non-Living Supplies:

* Fly Culturing Supplies
* Fruit Fly Culturing Kits
* No Bugs Insecticidal
Shelf & Drawer Paper

The Live Fish Food Shop
The Live Fish Food Shop Specializes in High Quality, Nutritious & Unusual Live Fish Food for All Types, Sizes & Ages of Marine and Fresh Water Aquarium Fish, from the Smallest Fry to the Largest Adult.
We are Sure You and Your Fish will be Satisfied with the Quality of our Live Fish Food as well as our Customer Service.

If you're new to feeding your fish live food, we suggest you try the d. Melanogaster wingless fruit flies with feeding culture. Most ALL types of aquarium fish greedily consume these, including tetras, cichlids, barbs, gouramis & many more. For larger fish, you really can't go wrong with the larger d. Hydei wingless flightless fruit flies.

Check out this video and you can see how much these tetras love the fruit flies:

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