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Live Food for Fish Fry:

* Microworms

Live Food for Small & Medium Fish:

* Extra Sml Silkworms
* Small Silkworms
* Silkworm Eggs
* D. Melanogaster: Wingless Fruitflies
* D. Hydei: Flightless Fruitflies
* Rice Flour Beetle Larvae

Live Food for Large Fish:

* Medium Silkworms

Non-Living Supplies:

* Fly Culturing Supplies
* Fruit Fly Culturing Kits
* No Bugs Insecticidal
Shelf & Drawer Paper

The Live Fish Food Shop

Resources for
the Aquarium Owner

  from The Live Fish Food Shop

OnLine Forums:

The Aquatic Community - Tropical Fish Aquarium Forum. The place to discuss any aquarium related issue in a friendly environment. Welcomes Aquarists of all levels from beginners to experts .

APC - Aquatic Plant Central - Forum dedicated to Aquarium Plants.

Excellent Information:

All About Aquarium Fish - Just about anything you need to know related to aquarium fish keeping, including: fish species (among them- goldfish, neon tetra, & swordtail), aquarium plants, tips & maintenance, fish care aquarium supplies, decoration, reefs, tropical fish disease, fish ponds, saltwater & freshwater aquariums & community tanks.

Aquarium Shops:

Marine Depot - One of the world's largest suppliers of reef and marine aquarium products. Over 4000 products in stock for your aquarium hobby or maybe it's even an obssesion. Then this is your place!

Doctors Foster and Smith - Your complete source for all your pet supplies and accessories. Categories include dogs, cats, horses, ferrets and small pets, reptiles, birds and more.


Fish FAQ - A bouillabaisse of fascinating facts about fish (and other marine life). What's the most common fish in the ocean? Do fish sleep? Find Out!

Poki - Fish games to play. Fun! is a personalized discovery platform offering free online games.

Kids & Young Adult:

Aquarium Science Activity for the Classroom - Children will study domestic fish varieties and then set up their own fish tank to observe.

Science NetLinks - A Science Experiment for Grades 6 - 8.
The Aim of the Lab Experiment is to develop an understanding of how the growth and survival of an organism (Brine Shrimp) depends on physical conditions. This is accomplished by designing an experiment to determine the optimum salinity of water needed to hatch brine shrimp.

How Stuff Works - Take The Amazing Animals FISH QUIZ. There are so many types of fish, with so many fascinating differences between species. Test your knowledge about fish and marine life with this quiz.

Our Family of Websites:

The Silkworm Shop - Our First Website and our "Doing Business As" or DBA. specializes in silkworm information and silkworm shopping.

The Fruit Fly Shop - Here, we offer a myriad of flightless and wingless fruit fly supplies and small live feeders for your pets.

The Praying Mantis Shop - Specializing in EVERYTHING praying mantis, including egg cases, live mantids, kits, living food and non-living supplies.

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