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Live Food for Fish Fry:

* Microworms
* Brine Shrimp Eggs

Live Food for Small & Medium Fish:

* Extra Sml Silkworms
* Small Silkworms
* Silkworm Eggs
* D. Melanogaster: Wingless Fruitflies
* D. Hydei: Flightless Fruitflies
* Rice Flour Beetle Larvae

Live Food for Large Fish:

* Medium Silkworms

Non-Living Supplies:

* Fly Culturing Supplies
* Fruit Fly Culturing Kits
* No Bugs Insecticidal
Shelf & Drawer Paper

The Live Fish Food Shop

Shipping Information, Live Guarantee
& Terms of Use

  By The Live Fish Food Shop
Shipping Information:
  • Flat Rate Shipping (USPS Priority Mail) on All Orders is $9.95-
    No Matter How Large Your Order!
  • We ship via United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail. If you prefer USPS Express Mail Or United Parcel Service (UPS), Please Contact Us, and we will quote you the additional charge. Or, you may leave a message in the "special notes" section of the order form and we will contact you with the shipping total, obtain your approval and adjust your payment accordingly. For shipment of living items to destinations far from Southern California, UPS is rather expensive, since a 2-3 day delivery is required. USPS Express Mail will run $19.50 and up.

    USPS Priority Mail is 2-3 Day Service (though that is not guaranteed and it can occasionally take longer). USPS Express Mail is 1-2 Day Service.

    • Orders Placed Monday Ship Tuesday
    • Orders Placed Tuesday Ship Wednesday
    • Orders Placed Wednesday before 9am (PST) Ship Wednesday
    • Orders placed Wednesday after 9am through Sunday
      Ship Monday
    • We sometimes deviate from this shipping schedule and on Monday-Wednesday may ship your order on the same day it is placed. Please Contact Us if you would like to know for sure when your order will be shipped.

Live Guarantee:

Please be sure that someone will be home upon delivery. The shipment cannot sit outside exposed to the elements, even in mild temperatures.

The number one cause of DOA's is heat and, to a lesser extent, cold during shipping. If destination temperatures are below 90° F or above 40° F, the heat or cold usually isn't a problem. Unless, that is, the live merchandise is sitting in the sun along the way or locked in a hot mail truck. Even in mild temperatures, shipping can sometimes be risky, but we do everything we can to ensure live delivery and have an excellent success rate. We also protect you by guaranteeing the order will arrive alive and well.
Please See Live Guarantee Below.

In the event of a Dead-On-Arrival (DOA), we will reship (via Priority mail) the product free of product charge and shipping charge.
Please Note: All Conditions of the live guarantee (below)
must be met for the live guarantee to remain effective.

    Conditions of Live Guarantee:
  • We DO NOT guarantee live delivery to daytime high temperatures of 90° F and above or to daytime high temperatures of 40° F and below, regardless of time in transit. This is the daytime high temperature, not the temperature at time of delivery. Shipment to such temperatures is at your own risk.
  • If your Priority Mail shipment takes longer than three days to reach you (a rare occurance) and the high temperature is above 40 and below 90 degrees F, the customer must share some of the responsibility of a DOA by paying the ACTUAL shipping charge to reship the order. The actual shipping charge will be the cost to reship the order, whether that charge is above or below our flat rate shipping charge of $8.95. There will be no product charge.
    Orders cannot be left outside for any period of time.
  • Express mail shipments require a signature at the time of delivery. Priority mail shipments do not. In order for the live guarantee to remain effective, someone must be available to sign for the express mail shipment on the FIRST delivery attempt. You may waive the signature requirement by leaving a message in the "special notes" section of the order form, however, your live guarantee will be void because the insurance that is included for express mail requires signature confirmation. Some mail carriers may require someone to be home for priority mail shipment marked "perishable." Since we require someone to be home for shipment, the live guarantee will no longer be effective for the priority mail shipment if no one was home at the time of attempted delivery.
  • We cannot offer reshipments, refunds or credits after
    a second DOA failure.
  • In order for the live guarantee to remain in effect, the customer must notify us of DOA's or other problems within 24 hours after receiving the order. DOA notifications must be made via Email so that we will have a written record of the problem.
  • Claims due to carrier mistakes or delay must be handled through the carrier. We must go by what the USPS delivery confirmation system reports regarding delivery attempts, notices left, etc. We cannot offer free shipping and product replacement when orders are returned to us as unclaimed or undeliverable.
  • We Cannot Accommodate Special Delivery Instructions, such as "Leave package at the side of the house behind bush" or "Deliver between 1 and 2pm" or "Deliver to front door, not mail box." Postal carriers usually do not read or follow such instructions written on the package, and we have no control over what time orders are delivered. We will not be held responsible for DOA's resulting from the failure of mail carriers to follow special shipping instructions or from shipments not delivered at a specific time.
Please Note:
We do not give refunds. Please See Our Return Information Below.
→ Reshipments will not include any non-living items sent with the living items.
→ If we are sold out of the product in question, you may choose to wait for the product to become in stock or we will refund your money for the product.
Refunds will not be made for the original shipping amount or for non-living items.
We cannot guarantee living items will continue living once shipment is complete. The living item is out of our care and control and we cannot be held responsible for its continued well-being.

Returns & Refunds:

We Do Not Give Refunds. Living Items Cannot Be Returned or Credited.
Non-Living items can be returned unopened and unused at the buyer's expense for a store credit. Store credit will NOT include the ACTUAL shipping cost (rather than our flat rate of $8.95).
    The Following Items Cannot Be Returned:
  • All Living Items
  • Silkworm Food
  • Silkworm Cocoons
  • All Types of Eggs
  • Any Cultures or Culture Mixes from Kits or Sold Separately


We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, personal checks, money orders and PayPal. Orders cannot be shipped until payment is received and/or verified. Personal checks will be held for 7 days to ensure sufficient funds. If you are paying by personal check or money order, after you check out at our store, make checks and money orders payable to The Silkworm Shop
(Our DBA) and mail to:

The Silkworm Shop
PO Box 84773
San Diego, CA 92138

Hot And Cold Packs:

Live in a HOT/COLD area? Please Read:

It is the responsibility of the customer to order a heat pack for shipment to high temperatures of 40° or below. Shipments to high temperatures of 40° F and below or to high temperatures of 90° and above are at your own risk; We do not offer a live guarantee.

The heat or cold shouldn't be a problem, unless the product is sitting in the sun or in a hot mail truck somewhere along the way. Heat packs should be ordered if high temperatures in the destination city are below 40° F. Please order a heat pack at the store on the bottom of each product page. Heat packs are $2.50. We do not use cold packs because they do not provide any protection against extreme heat.

Please Contact Us regarding shipment to extreme temperatures. We highly recommend that shipments to 90° F plus temperatures or temperatures below 40° F ship via USPS Express Mail.

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