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Shelf & Drawer Paper

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Flightless & Wingless
Fruit Fly Culture Supplies

  Everything Needed to Culture Your Own Flies!
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25 Count Breathable Poly Fabric Insect Lids


Polypropylene Clear Lids with Fabric Covered Air Holes

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Fruit Fly Culture Lids

25 Count 32oz Containers
with Poly-Fabric Insect Lids


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Fruit Fly Culture Containers

10 Count Dry Fruit Fly Feeding Media


Pre-Measured & Individually Packaged Fruit Fly Feeding Media.
Includes Nutritional Supplement, Mold Inhibitor & Instructions.
Mix with Water and Add Flies. It's That Easy!

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fruit fly media

Fruit Fly Culture Plastic Perching Mesh
10 Panels (Enough for 10 Cultures)


Flightless Fruit Flies Require Some Sort of Media to Perch On. Our plastic mesh panels are ideal because they don't rot the feeding media like the commonly used aspen fiber and they provide maximum space in the matrix.

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Fly Culture Mesh

1 Roll "Bug Kill"
Insecticidal Shelf & Drawer Paper


Mites and Other Insects Can Infest Flightless Fruit Fly Cultures and Other Parts of Your Storage Areas and Pantry. This product kills common insect pests on contact.
Please Click Here For A More Complete Description.

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    Bug Kill Shelf Paper

Check Out Our Fly Culturing Kits
They Include Everything Needed to Culture Flies

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